Lovely Anemone Summary

Salena's ex-girlfriend hurt her in ways she never knew were possible. She's pretty sure the break up was a result of her being asexual. Now Salena's afraid to commit to another relationship and has lost confidence in herself. She still wants a girlfriend, but is  refusing sexual intimacy a deal-breaker? That's when she accidentally finds herself falling in love with another girl, but is afraid to come out to her.  At the same time her ex-girlfriend pleads for her forgiveness and wants her back. What will she do?

Mystics of Sapphia Summary

Play as a princess who recently escaped an assassination attempt thanks to a charm your mother placed on your best friend. However the charm caused you to swap bodies and now you must hide as a servant. How will you reclaim the throne,who will believe you? Perhaps one of three mystics, loyal to the royal family can  help you take control of your kingdom. That is... if you don't get distracted by romance.

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